Frequently Asked Questions

Self-tanning is when a product is used, such as our Self Tan Mousse, and applied directly to the skin to create an appearance of a suntan on the surface layer of the skin, whilst preventing damage to the skin.

No, our product contains 100% natural ingredients - No parabens, sulphates or chemicals are found within our products.

If you would not consume the ingredient, then why should we put it on our skin!

We are all about keeping it real, that is why we have NO nasties & our products are made with 100% Natural ingredients. 

Our ingredients are formulated together to give you the perfect balance to assist with brightening & moisturising your skin all whilst enjoying the natural tan look without the sun's harmful rays. With a combination of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rose-hip Oil & Cacao Butter - name a better combination!

Let's not forget that when Vitamin E & C come together in a combination, the antioxidant effects are boosted - It's like a double shot of espresso, but for your skin!

This generally depends on how many coats you are applying to the skin and how much of the area you are covering. Most of our customers report 6-8 FULL body coats to each bottle.

Yes, for the deepest darkest tan apply a second coat 30 minutes after the first to allow the first coat to dry. Then leave on for your desired development time.

We recommend leaving GC Tan mousse on for 8 hours for the deepest darkest tan. Click here for more tanning tips.

 5-7 days or longer if you maintain with moisturiser.

We recommend ensuring your skin is exfoliated and moisturised 24 hours before applying GC Tan. Also ensure if you need to wax or shave this is done 48 hours prior, allowing time for your pores to close fully and no dotting occurs. Make sure your skin is dry prior to application and only apply a light layer of moisturiser on elbows and knees. Try to avoid using perfumes, deodorant, and makeup on the day of application for best results.

For optimal results, we reccomend applying and leaving on for 5 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water and a cloth. For stubborn areas leave on for longer. 

Anytime! Though we do recomend for best results with the remover, use within 3-4 days of applying the tan.