Directions & Tips:

To get started all you need is water! Do not use any soaps or oils with your glove.

Simply soak your skin with hot water in the bath or shower for 5-10minutes, this helps soften the skin*. Remove your body from the water. Make sure your skin is not dry when using the glove as the glove works by using friction against your skin.

*Extra tip: keep the shower running off to the side on hot to create a steam room effect

Place hand in glove and start to rub the skin with long firm strokes, in upwards and downward motions to peel away the dead skin.

Keep in mind if your skin does not peel straight away there could be a number of different factors involved such as:

  • You have recently moisturised or shaved your skin. As moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and shaving removes the top layer of dead skin
  • Your skin type could also effect weather your skin sheds immediately or not

Please rest assured though the exfoliating glove is still working its magic to exfoliate the skin and give your skin a smooth silky result.

The glove will work best when your body is damp and skin is soft.

For fake tan removal, the glove will also work best when your tan is 5-7+ days old.

If your skin starts to go red/pink in colour after exfoliating please note this is normal. This is your blood circulation coming to the surface.

Don’t forget to moisturise after exfoliating your skin will thank you for it!

We do not recommend to use your glove over sunburn or any open wounds.


How to care for your glove?

Wash your glove after use by using hot water and natural soaps/wash. Not machine washable.  

Hang to dry after use and do not store away as it can form mould if stored damp.

We recommend replacing your glove every 6-8 weeks for hygiene purposes.