GC Tan

Tan Removal Exfoliating Mitt


Derived from the Ancient Turkish Ritual, Hammam. Our exfoliating glove is made from Natural plant fibres, woven with a special technique that makes it thicker & coarser then most on the market. Allowing you to effortlessly remove fake tan and dead skin cells all whilst leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and creating the perfect base to reapply your tan. 


  • Effectively removes fake tan within 60 seconds
  • Deeply exfoliates the skin
  • Helps improve circulation
  • Visibly lifts & peels away dead skin cells
  • Encourages skin turnover
  • Creates the perfect silky smooth base to reapply fake tan 
  • Restores healthy skin and helps remove pigmentation, keratosis pilaris, skin bumps & ingrown hairs
  • Stimulates regeneration of skin cells
  • Helps improve texture, cellulite, dark spots and the overall look and feel of the skin. 
  • No aggressive scrubbing required




1. Soften your skin by taking a hot steamy shower for 5-10 minutes. Wet the mitt during this time and be sure to squeeze out any excess water. 

2. Turn off water or remove your body from the bath/water. Place hand in mitt and start to rub the skin with long firm strokes, in upwards and downward motions to peel away the dead skin. Do not use any soaps or oils.

3. Apply moderate pressure on body using palm of hands and increase pressure gradually to desired intensity. Do not over rub same areas. 
Please note your skin will turn pinkish as circulation is promoted to to areas. 

4. Wash away skin debris with luke warm water to neutralise body temperature and close off pores. 


Made from 100% natural plant Turkish viscose

Hand wash only with hot water

Handmade in Turkey 

Packaged in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Shaana Connors

Love, love, love

Great Results

Easy to use, works really well for removing old tan!

Zoe Pierce

How have removal gloves like this not been around longer? Makes removing fake tan so much easier! Love it.

Jessica W
So Good for removing old tan!

This thing works sooo well! Easiest thing to remove your old tan once its past its due date!

Maegan Cross

I’ve never used a product that takes my old tan off within seconds. I was so impressed when I first used this product. I don’t need body scrubs anymore, this is a game changed for fake tan lovers!!

Customer Reviews

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